Halloween is nearly upon us.  DC’s CURSED COMICS CAVALCADE Is The Perfect Way To Get In The Spooky Mood.

What's It About?
DC’s CURSED COMICS CAVALCADE Is not only a fun read but it's the perfect way to get yourself in the mood for Halloween or those long dark nights.   This volume consists of ten short stories that are easy to read but will leave you with a chill.  Included stories are:

  1. Swamp Thing in "The Spread"
  2. Superman in "Strange Visitor"
  3. Batman in "Gorehound"
  4. Green Arrow in "The Monster In Me"
  5. Wonder Woman in "Siren Song"
  6. Black Lightning & Katana in "Mercy Killing"
  7. Guy Garder in "Life Sentence"
  8. Robin & Solomon Grundy in "The Devil You Know"
  9. The Demon in "Yellow Jack"
  10. Zatanna in "Halloween Hayride"

Is It Any Good?
Yes!  As you can see from the list above, there's a lot to get your fangs into and the stories range from being set in space to New Orleans in 1853 during the break out of Yellow Fever or Yellow Jack as the locals call it.  Oh and a demon or two to add to the mix.

One of my particular favourites was Batman in "Gorehound."  It's only seven pages long so the story is straight to the point.  The artwork is sublime and the dark, gritty tension of the chase that unfolds through the woods is captured perfectly.  The twist at the end, well I didn't see that coming.  M. Night. Shyamalan would be proud.

Each story has a different look and feel but as these are short stories, there is no waiting around for the inevitable horror that is to unfold.  The stories are clever and thanks to writers such as Riley Rossmo, Tim Seely, Bryan Hill and James Tynion IV to name a few, we are treated to some genuine classic horror stories.  Couple that with artwork which is so good in places that I really do think that some of the frames should be framed and displayed on a wall. I would certainly buy it.


The collection reminds me of the old Tales from the Crypt books I used to have or the fantastic Scream comics I used to buy from my local newsagent but with the added bonus of featuring not just classic horror but your favourite superhero too.

As mentioned, the stories are short so if you fancy one last horror read before switching off the lights at night and slipping into an uneasy sleep then DC’s CURSED COMICS CAVALCADE is for you.

Sweet dreams.

DC’s CURSED COMICS CAVALCADE is available now for $9.99