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Coming Soon: Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies, & Pop!s

Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies

Mystery Mini: Stranger Things
Funko is excited to announce Netflix’s Original Series
 Stranger Things is coming soon to Mystery Minis!

The first series includes several characters from the hit television show.
 You’ll find a few different versions of Eleven, and of course she’s
joined by her friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas.
Joyce and Hopper join the kids too, as well as Nancy, Barb,
the terrifying Demogorgan and many more!

Collect them all this fall, but in the meantime don’t forget to catch up on season 1
of Stranger Things on Netflix before season 2 premieres this fall!

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Coming in September!
Don’t forget the exclusives!
Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies

Eleven, Joyce with axe, and Dr. Brenner available only at Hot Topic!
Eleven underwater, Upside-Down Will and Mr. Clarke are only at Target!
Eleven in hospital gown, Steve and Upside-Down Barb exclusively at GameStop! 

Supercute Plush: Stranger Things
Stranger Things gets Super Cute!
 Collect your favorite characters as cuddly plush from
Funko and Netflix’s original series Stranger Things.

This plush series features two different versions of the mysterious Eleven,
one complete with an Eggo, the other in her notable blonde wig.
Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin and Barb also take shape as Supercute Plush.
And you've never seen a Demogorgan this cuddly!

Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies
Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Coming this Fall!
Pop! Television: Stranger Things S2
In order to help the town of Hawkins, Indiana confront
 the terrifying forces that are taking over their town, Funko is bringing in reinforcements with
another wave of Netflix’s Original Series Stranger Things Pop! figures!
Series 2 features a new version of Eleven, this time wearing a hospital gown,
Jonathan and his camera, Nancy taking charge with her trusty pistol,
the creepy Dr. Martin Brenner, and Jim Hopper with his coffee and donut.

Keep an eye out for the chase variant - Hopper without his hat - a 1-in-6 rarity!

Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute PlushiesStranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies
Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute PlushiesStranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies
Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute PlushiesStranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies
Rounding out the series are Joyce and Hopper in the
hazmat suits needed to search for Will in the Upside-Down.
Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies
Joyce can only be found at Target!
Stranger Things Mystery Minis, SuperCute Plushies
Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Look for Hopper at Hot Topic!

Coming in August!


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