Coming Soon: Marvel Wobblers, GwenPool Pops!

Wobblers: Marvel
Avengers Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are coming as Wobblers!
Iron Man and Captain America stand 6" tall and combine the style of
Pop! with the classic wobble of bobble-heads!
Coming in January!

Pop! Marvel: GwenPool
Gwen Poole, aka GwenPool, has left the real world to join
the world of Funko Pop! vinyl!
A longtime fan of the Marvel Universe, The Unbelievable GwenPool is
eager to make a consequence-free impression on the world! Collect her with
her mask and katana, with her mask and cell phone (exclusively at Toys R Us),
or unmasked (only at Walgreens)!
Add GwenPool to your collection this winter!
Coming in February!